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As energy retailers grow their needs and opportunities change. iMPACT™’s modular design brings value to energy retailers at each step of their development. Consider the set of benchmarks below. Where is your company in its evolution?

Contenders have garnered at least 10,000 customers. To continue growing, Contenders recognize that higher retention is critical. Retention depends on deeper engagement, via email. But Contenders have email addresses for only 10-40% of their customers, which presents a barrier to further growth.

iMPACT Outreach™ gathers email addresses for 80-90% of customers.

Bronze-medal retailers have email addresses for most of their customers. They send one-size-fits-all emails like newsletters and renewal pleas. Open rates are modest, and frequency of emails is quarterly or less. Bronze retailers lack the personalization in emails that creates deeper engagement, so retention remains a concern.

iMPACT Engagement™ delivers personalized emails that are opened by more than half of all customers every 1-2 weeks. iMPACT Retention™ has increased retention rates by 6-20 percentage points.

Silver-level retailers send personalized emails to each customer several times each month. They have higher retention rates, especially for their best customers. Some Silver retailers have dabbled with bundling. But launching each non-commodity product is burdensome, customer acceptance rates are low, and customer service and fulfillment are a struggle. Silver retailers know that their customers are ready for added value, but they aren’t sure how to provide it.
iMPACT Bundling™ delivers established products that energy consumers are already buying, powered by best practices in marketing, fulfillment and customer service.

The Gold standard is set by energy retailers who have demonstrated success in engagement and retention and are now delivering non-commodity products like home services, smart thermostats, and solar. These energy retailers are at the forefront of our industry’s evolution beyond commodity, but are now straining to scale. Launching and managing each new product increases complexity, and IT constraints are emerging as a barrier.
iMPACT LTV™ is easily integrated enterprise software for rapid launch and scalable management of any number of products and vendor relationships.

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