A Private-Label Demand Response Service

iMPACT-DR™ is software for companies that sell or manage power (utilities, competitive retailers, curtailment service providers, energy consultants and brokers). The software enables these power companies to offer and manage a private-label Demand Response service for their commercial, industrial and residential customers.

The key to a successful demand response program is personalization and feedback. Customers are motivated to participate by receiving 1) a personalized appeal and 2) meaningful feedback on their performance. Personalization and feedback are foundational to  iMPACT-DR™.

iMPACT-DR™ interfaces with the major ISO and utility Demand Response programs. It also enables customized offerings like price-responding or coincident peak shaving. With iMPACT-DR™ power companies can:

maintain focus on the customer relationship
maximize the flow of Demand Response dollars to their customers and themselves
minimize the distraction and workload on their own organization.

iMPACT-DR™ is built around a powerful, intuitive user interface that guides users through the critical phases of Demand Response administration: asset enrollment, offers, schedules, notifications, performance and settlement.

The iMPACT-DR™ system is secure, cloud-based, scalable and inexpensive.

iMPACT-DR™ also accommodates the different approaches to Demand Response in the market today.