The Value of Value-Adds

Silly title, important topic. Do electricity customers care about value-added solutions? How much?

Consider data from Accenture and JD Power:
– 90% of energy customers are either interested or very interested in solutions to manage their energy use.
– 84% said they would turn to their utility first for solutions.
– Yet trust / satisfaction ratings for utilities are generally poor, in the bottom quartile.

In sum, energy customers are definitely seeking value-added solutions. 90% is a very high interest score.

But consumers have no idea where to turn for them! Most of them can only think to turn to an entity they don’t trust or like–which means they don’t actually go there, either.

Obviously, this creates opportunity. Energy retailers could certainly become the customer’s solution provider. More and more, they are. Because it works. As one example, Just Energy recently forecast double-digit EBITDA growth based largely on value provided beyond commodity. Value-adds are, indeed, valuable.

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